About Us

Serge d’Adesky is the CCM (Chief Coffee Maker) and lead author of intraoral-scanners.com. In his professional life, Serge is the CEO of Northstar Strategic Investments , Inc , an Investment Advisor firm regulated by the State of Florida.

Serge’s investment background was piqued by his studies of economics at Yale University , from which he graduated in the late 70′s with a major in Political Science and a minor in Economics. Serge d'Adesky PortraitHe went on to get a master’s in international economics from John Hopkin’s School of Advanced International Studies.

Serge’s plunge into the fascinating world of digital dentistry began in 2020, as an offshoot of his investment analyses. Serge believes the world is making a dramatic shift into new technologies at a speed that will dwarf what has occurred in the last decade. Companies that embrace these new technologies will thrive, while those that hesitate to do so will suffer and shrivel.

This of course will happen in every field of endeavor. But the global dental market, a $37 billion industry, will be completely transformed. First to be affected are technologies that rely on elastomeric impressions, Serge believes.

Today, in 2021, Serge states: “Doing dentistry using elastomeric impressions is already uncompetitive and in the next few years will come to be viewed as archaic. Dentists are already beginning to realize how much the cost of scanning technology has reduced expenses in their field. What most of them cannot fathom, is how quickly those costs are dropping. Scanners selling for $40,000 a few years ago will cost less than $2000 within 5 years. This will totally disrupt the world of dentistry. Profits of manufacturers will shrink, but their sales volumes will explode. Dentals labs will have to consolidate and innovate. More and more labs will become indistinguishable from software companies. More and more CAD work will be done offshore, a trend already in full course. In fact, much of the CAD work will be preprocessed by artificial intelligence software, leavings only the touchups for technicians. Many dentists will choose to contract directly with software technicians and do their milling and 3d printing inhouse. Tele-dentistry will become the new norm."

Serge noticed there were few internet resources allowing the dental community to navigate these technological waters without some kind of corporate or institutional bias, so he decided to launch intraoral-scanners.com.. This will become an independent platform where dentists, dental labs, dental service agencies and dental suppliers can explore, discuss, criticize and market these emerging technologies.

Serge intends for the site to be completely non-biased, and open to all practitioners. The site will fund itself through advertising. Serge also hopes his writings here will gain him more exposure to clients for his investment activities. Be sure to check out Serge's other websites at Tradejolt and decryptofied.com..